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10 Delicious Restaurants in Huntersville, NC (2023 Update)

Huntersville may be a small North Carolina town, but it’s home to an incredibly dynamic culinary scene. Whether you live here or are passing through, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find the type of cuisine you’re looking for, whether it’s traditional American, Latin, Mediterranean, Asian, or something completely unheard of.

Since figuring out where to go out to eat is arguably more difficult than calculus, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best restaurants in Huntersville NC to make finding good food easier.

Discover some of the most delicious food in town below:

1. Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse 🍻

chicken wings and beer at taphouse

Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse is where sports bar meets class hangout. It’s modern yet cozy, featuring red brick interior and tons of TVs to keep every kind of sports fan content. Here you’ll find great food to the tune of American with unique twists — like their popular buffalo blue cheese chips as well as wonderful service. They also offer an extensive list of beers on tap so you’ll never grow bored. Or thirsty.

Address: 16609 Statesville Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078

2. Rocky’s Pizza 🍕

Rocky’s Pizza is considered one of the best spots to enjoy traditional New York style pizza. Aside from great pizza and a laundry list of toppings that you can put on said pizza, Rocky’s also orders calzones, cheesy garlic bread, garlic knots, fresh salads, and even chicken wings. It’s the perfect place to grab an early dinner or a post-dinner snack — because there’s never a wrong time to eat pizza.

Address: 10310 Wilmington St, Huntersville, NC 28078

3. Dressler’s Restaurant 🦞

elegant restaurant food steak with vegetables and wine

Dressler’s Restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking for an elegant dinner, minus the kiddos. Dressler’s is an upscale steakhouse with formal dinner offerings including filet mignon, lobster linguine, pimento cheese and crab dip and equally eloquent desserts. They also have a very extensive wine list with a vast champagne selection when there’s something to celebrate.

Address: 8630 Lindholm Dr, Huntersville, NC 28078

4. Verde Mexican & Nuevo Latin Fusion 🌮

When you know you want Latin cuisine but can’t decide which country you’re craving more, Verde Mexican & Nuevo Latin Fusion will be able to satisfy your indecisiveness. Verde Mexican is heavily influenced by its Cuban-born chef and seamlessly blends various Latin dishes from Mexico to Peru to bring you succulent ropa vieja with a side of fresh shrimp ceviche. They also offer margarita flights, both indoor and outdoor seating and some rather impressive fusion desserts like a dulce-de-leche crème brûlée!

Address: 9818 Gilead Rd b107, Huntersville, NC 28078

5. Phở Ginseng 🍜

Phở Ginseng is a traditional Vietnamese restaurant offering everything you can think of from steamed right to shredded pork skin and beyond. However, it’s the phở itself — Vietnamese beef bone broth — that keeps everyone coming back time and time again. Phở Ginseng has a great atmosphere, and while they do not serve alcohol, they do have a great selection of traditional Vietnamese teas and other drinks.

Address: 12905a Rosedale Hill Ave, Huntersville, NX 28078

6. eeZ Fusion & Sushi 🍣

customer eating sushi at japanese restaurant

If you’re a sushi fan or a lover of Japanese food, eeZ Fusion & Sushi is where you’ll want to chow down. There’s something here for everyone — even children and people who aren’t a fan of seafood raw or cooked. Generally speaking, the restaurant offers great value for its portion sizes. There’s even a stir-fry bar and plenty of Saki to sip on.

Address: 16925 Birkdale Commons Pkwy F, Huntersville, NC 28078

7. Killington’s Restaurant & Pub 🍔

Killington’s Restaurant & Pub is another notable Huntersville sports bar. It hosts lots of open space, high ceilings, TVs, and a very relaxed atmosphere. They also offer a variety of menus — the regular menu, a kid’s menu, a teen menu, and a late-night menu. Some fan favorites here include the toasted ravioli and the meatloaf sourdough sandwich —and the restaurant features a daily special for mashed potatoes!

Address: 10010 Rose Commons Dr, Huntersville, NC 280780

8. Red Rocks Café 🍷

The Red Rocks Café is a staple regarding the Huntersville dining scene as it’s considered one of the best restaurants in the town. The cafe offers a smart terrace and a modern interior with leather booths that line the windows. Come for Sunday brunch, the long wine list, or the fun and inventive ravioli options that include everything from spinach and walnut to shrimp and grits ravioli.

Address: 8712 Lindholm Dr, Huntersville, NC 28078

9. Midwood Smokehouse 🍖

fried chicken wings and cocktails at Midwood smokehouse restaurant

The Midwood Smokehouse is part of a neighborhood of restaurants located in the Birkdale Village shopping center. The eatery is widely praised for its mouthwatering hickory-smoked barbeque offerings plus a nice range of cocktails that’ll complement every meal. If you’re not sure what to order, the chicken barbeque and prime beef brisket are some of the most ordered items off the menu!

Address: 16710 Birkdale Commons Pkwy, Huntersville, NC 28078

10. The Melting Pot 🧀

The Melting Pot is a French franchise that was established in 1975 and can be found in several cities and states — including Huntersville. Its popularity stems from providing the finest fondue dining experience as well as excellent service. You can choose from a variety of cheeses to go with your meats and there’s even a chocolate fondue option for dessert that has garnered rave reviews. We suggest trying the signature Coq Au Vin cooking style for your entrée and the Flaming Turtle chocolate fondue for dessert.

Address: 16625 Statesville Rd, Huntersville, NC 28078

Endless Opportunities to Dine Out

When it comes to all the possible dining options in Huntersville, you’ll never go hungry. Best of all, whether you’re planning a date night, have the kids in tow, or are looking for a quick bite and a drink, there are bold flavors out there for everyone to experience. 

You can also rest assured that while you’re out enjoying one of the many excellent restaurants in Huntersville, the expert team from Tidds Roofing will be hard at work repairing or replacing your roofing system. Get in touch with us today to schedule your next roofing service — we offer free estimates!

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