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Roof shingle repair with nail gun and hammer

7 Useful Tips for Replacing Your Roof (Homeowner’s Guide)

6 minutes

Jeremy Tidd

Do you ever look up a restaurant’s menu and decide what to order before you even get there? (Guilty!) At…

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woman with paperwork and laptop asking insurance roof replacement questions

9 Insurance Roof Replacement Questions You Should Know

7 minutes

Jeremy Tidd

Many things in life are confusing, like astrophysics, English grammar rules, and homeowners insurance policies. Every homeowner should have a…

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Worker hands installing bitumen roof shingles. Completing a full, not a partial roof replacement

Can You Replace Half Your Roof? (Professional Advice)

5 minutes

Jeremy Tidd

It’s no secret that a new roof replacement can be a significant investment. Even if you skip getting Starbucks every…

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